our leaders

Below are the current leaders of our local congregation.

 As leaders we consider it to be a great honor and privilege to guide, lead, and serve with the church with passion that God has placed in our hearts. 

We believe that leadership is all about serving.

Charles Nii Odotei

Phone: 0244731478

Email: niiodotei@odorkor.coc-gh.org

Francis Ato Fuah

Phone: 0208948066

Email: atofuah@odorkor.coc-gh.org

Emmanuel Larkai
Evangelism & Mission

Phone: 055 2716110

Email: elarkai@odorkor.coc-gh.org

Samuel Lamptey
Benevolence & Visitation

Phone: 0558183299

Email: samlamptey@odorkor.coc-gh.org

Samuel Amoh
Asset & building

Phone: 0268127061

Email: samamoh@odorkor.coc-gh.org

Kwame Ansah
Finance & Procurement

Phone: 0202020500

Email: Kwansah@odorkor.coc-gh.org